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Montane Mountain Star Jacket – UpaDowna
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Montane Mountain Star Jacket

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Montane Mountain Star

  • FEATURES: Aeroflyte 50D fabric, ultra-light, highly breathable, stow able in pocket 
  • WEIGHT: 7.1 oz
  • MSRP: $84

UK outdoor clothing manufacturer Montane is busting into the US market with some great offerings designed to keep you active in all conditions. The first item we have seen from them is the called the Mountain Star and it fits into that interesting category between a shirt and jacket where it provides the production of a light jacket but the weight of a simple shirt. I loved the fact that this thing can pull double duty in a variety of conditions.

Let's face it, even in the heat of summer the early morning hours can still be a little brisk. And while the day will quickly have you sweating it is often a nice reprieve to have a light layer to help you stave off the chill. The Montane Mountain Star is a perfect example of a jacket that can serve this purpose. Weighing in at only 7oz and featuring a snug fitted hood and two accessory pockets there is no reason not to bring this gem with you. 

Over the past few months I have used this as I bike commute through town, bum around camp in the desert, run through the mountains and even as a light layer at the crag. The versatility of this jacket combined with its light weight and supreme pack-ability make it a great accessory.

Designed to be a minimal layer during active pursuits, Montane has nailed the design and functionality. With the snug fitting hood and ample cut around the elbows and shoulders you can easily maneuver with out battling the constant creep of the cuffs or constant repositioning of the hood. Another bonus is that the Aeroflyte fabric is much quieter than the majority of other light fabrics I have seen so you don't get that loud fabric swoosh in your ears every time you move. 

I really dig any product that is designed to be easily stowable and help declutter my kit and since the Mountain Star stuffs into one of its own side pockets it fits into that category. Also unlike many other jackets there is still more room to stuff/stow other items. In fact, the pockets could be half the size and the jacket would still fit in side of it. For bomber lightweight packable protection this is the perfect go to jacket for your adventures. And to be honest I hope other brands take notice that Montane is making great strides in the US market with a focus on bringing amazing and functional products to our adventures.

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