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Montucky Coldsnacks

SIZE: 16oz
PRICE:$5.99/six pack
ABV: 4%

Imagine that perfect après beer for when you’re done biking, skiing, rollerblading, or whatever if you will. Now imagine if that beer gave money back to whatever you just enjoyed. One could say that drinking that beer would be the responsible thing to do right? Well the dudes at Montucky would agree with you.

First though, the beer. I found my mouth watering for this beer years ago when their stunning can came across my Instagram feed. The old person in me just trying to be cool and the desire to try all the beer had a lovechild. The lovechild was an insatiable lust to get that blue can next to my mouth. After a few failed beer trading attempts, I hung my head, shuffled my feet, and shed a tear for something that was never going to happen as at that time they were only in Montana. A part of that lust never died though. I was born in Montana, so this was my birthright! It was always in the back of my head.

Well a recent trip to Portland, OR resparked that flame. We stumbled into a pizza joint and BAM! Montucky was on the tap list. This was pointed out to me by someone else and once I realized what was going on, I slurred to the high school student behind the counter “Montucky pitchers please”. Her response literally crumpled me to the floor. They had blown the keg. I don’t think my wife has been more embarrassed of me than in that moment, which is saying something because I’m an idiot. I finally got up off that sticky floor and we ended the night. It was back on my radar though. Montucky finally might be obtainable. We tracked it down via their handy “find our beer” weblink and the next day dreams came true.

The next day we were in a Portland bar and we had four happy people drinking Montucky. Nothing else mattered right then. Not the vegan girl feeding her vegan cat from the same fork . . . in a restaurant. Not the sea of flannel, not the endless bearded men that have never swung an axe. Nothing. We were in the land of good food, great coffee, amazing beer, and the glorious blue Montucky can was pressed against my lips. I’m glad that can was raised high so that no one could see the single tear drop from the corner of my eye.

Since then I’ve revisited this nectar a few times. This beer is everything I want it to be. It’s light but carefully made. It’s refreshing but not watery like it’s market sharing domestic lager counterparts. There is ownership in this beer. It doesn’t try to be something it isn’t. It is a light refreshing après everything beer and it is perfect at it. There is only one thing I don’t like about this beer. It isn’t in Colorado yet. I hear they are working on it, so soon it will be flawless.

Besides it being the best light beer ever, these guys might be in the running for easiest brewery to support ever. The name Montucky refers to the backwoods areas of Montana. These dudes get outside and they support their playground by giving back. 8% of every purchase is given back to local causes. Local causes refers to the markets their beer are in. That means soon they will be supporting the Colorado outdoors. Keep an eye out for this stunning can. If I leave any in the cooler when it comes, grab it. Get outside. Reward yourself with a beer and give back!

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