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Mothership Wit

SIZE: 12oz
ABV: 4.8%

Mothership Wit was my gateway drug. It got me hooked on craft beer and made me into a beer nerd/geek/snob/or whatever you want to call it. I had drunk other craft beers prior but none had the affect that this one did. Something about it awakened my tastebuds. This was many years ago… ’06 or ‘07 maybe? I drank this beer religiously as my go-to beer. It developed my opinion that a wheat beer is maybe the best all around beer out there. Then a sad day came. A friend informed me they would be discontinuing it. I’ve never more seriously thought about boycotting a brand than I did then. I eventually came to terms with it and moved on, however New Belgium did see much fewer of my dollars after that because nothing they had could fill that void.

Well it has returned! Temporarily, but that is better than nothing. Mothership Wit has made its way into a sampler pack, filling four of the twelve spaces in the twelve pack. Needless to say I rushed out and bought it. You never know how this is going to go. Revisiting something you have such a fond memory for. Will it live up to the expectations? Should I not even try it and let it live on in memory? Well I tried it, and I’m happy I did. It is still the greatest beer New Belgium has ever produced.

The aroma has that familiar Belgian wit smell of lemongrass, pepper, and zest. The flavor is so smooth. It quenches your tastebuds and then lightens up, almost dissipating. One of my still favorite parts of it is the discernable spice. I know what is in it but I have a hard time picking out any of the spices or zests individually. The blend as a whole is perfect. It is light, refreshing, and still packed with flavor and complexity. What a perfect beer. Well done New Belgium and thanks for bringing it back!

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