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Mountain Khakis Alpha Switch Pull Over

Its not a cardigan it’s a pull-over!!!

Seriously! MK has released a great little pull over made not only to keep you warm when you’re hanging out around the campfire, but also during those hikes when the temps start to rise. Lately we have had a few cool mornings here on Colorado’s Front Range and it has provided the perfect excuse to run this new piece of gear through the ringer. The idea behind this combination it to help you in several different conditions, one side is designed to let the warmth escape to help cool you during temperature fluctuations like for instance when I get back from a nice run and I am starting to cool down but would still like to have a warmer layer that will allow me to wick the sweat away and still stay warm in a breeze.

Both sides feature one chest pocket and either side pockets or the kangaroo pocket for stashing your stuff.


I think the best way to break down this pull over is to do it by side. For mine I have a Cowboy Blue side and a Grey side. So from here on out that is how I will break down the review.

OK folks the Cowboy Blue side is a stretchable tight woven face fabric that has a horizontal chest pocket and what I am calling the kangaroo pouch style lower pocket (you can reach through from one side to the other from right to left and vise versa). This is meant to be for hanging out and staying warm all the while looking good!



The Grey side is a DWR coated translucent face fabric that you can see the highly breathable Polartec Alpha insulation. Utilizing the Polartec Alpha may not seem like a big deal, but trust me it is. You see Polartec Alpha was originally designed for our Special Forces teams to help them stay functional and as comfortable as possible during both the “hurry up and wait” moments as well as the door kicking “violence of action” moments. Yeah, and what that means to you is that this material was designed to help your body regulate temps regardless of whether you’re chilling at the pub or hiking up the side of a mountain! Which is by definition, winning.

So how does it really work? Well as with all super fancy technical fabrics it has it’s highs and lows. Yes it is DWR coated and yes it keep you warm, and yes I look good in it…if I do say so myself. But the reality is the effectiveness of a material to help you regulate is and always will be dependent on a myriad of factors. Think about this, no two people are the same, this is tech for a wide spectrum and not an individually dialed piece of gear. BUT in my honest opinion, yes, it works, it really does. While hiking with it and a pack on, my back got sweaty…duh. But once I took the pack off and chilled out, I quickly dried off. Water did bead up on the face fabric, but once pressure was placed on the wet areas, it wicked through….just like every other DWR piece.

So at the end of the day MK knocked it out of the park with this great offering, technical where it counts and stylish too! And for a guy like me that tends to limit how many pieces of clothing I own, this is a two-fer and is well worth it!


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