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Mountainsmith Dog Packs


Weight: 15.5 oz. (small)

Volume: 610 cu. in. (small)

Material: 600D Poly RipStop, 900D Poly Ballisitc

Sizes: small, medium, large

MSRP: $50.00


Over the last few years I've tried a few different dog packs from different companies and always had the same results. I felt like I was stopping far too often to make adjustments to the constantly drifting pack. No matter how hard I tried to balance the bags, or how securely I fastened, or adjusted the belts the bag would always slide to one side.  

I'm pleased to tell you that I have found a new pack that has kept me worry and trail maintenance free, the Mountainsmith Dog Pack. With over 30 years experience in making dog packs it comes as no surprise that Mountainsmith has stepped up to the plate and delivered.

These double saddle pocket packs are designed ergonomically to fit your dog's torso comfortably and take a beating! The pack uses a three point connection system, two torso straps and one sternum, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The pack as well as the straps are both fleeced lined adding a little more comfort for Fido as well as helping to reduce points of friction from the abrasive canvas straps. Your dog doesn't care about taking care of it's pack like you do. Dog packs are a little bulky and your pup will most likely run it through brush, against abrasive rocks, and snag it on branches. All of this was in mind when Mountainsmith designed these packs that is why they used long lasting tough materials like the 600D Poly RipStop, and the 900D Poly Ballistic. These materials combine to make a reinforced water resistant, ripstop safety, abrasive fighting, long lasting pack. 

The number one question I've been asked about it is, "How does your dog like the pack?" Umm well, we haven't exactly had a lengthy conversation about it. I think it is safe to say my dog does approve of this pack. He runs jumps and plays in it as if he's not even wearing it. A big plus for both of us is, I'm not constantly stopping to adjust the pack, which means we are both enjoying the trail time that much more. Lastly and possibly most importantly, my dog now associates the pack with day hikes as well as trips. If he sees the pack he knows we're heading out, and he's loving it! 

Take your dogs out on adventures with you, but have them properly trained and equipped. Have them carry their own food and place extra identification as well as your contact information inside the pack, along with secondary contact information in case something happens to you or you are split up. My dog does great on the trail. He freely bounces back and forth between all members in the party checking on everyone, and never goes too far from the group. Because of this I also like to have him carry a small first aid kit in his pack. Let's face it, if someone went down, he'd get to them far before I would.

Be sure to check out Mountainsmith's entire line of dog packs as well as accessories before you and your best friend head out for your next adventure.  



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