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Mountainsmith: El Diente – UpaDowna
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Mountainsmith: El Diente

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Style: Mummy

Weight: 3lbs 14 oz.

Length: 82"

Rating: 5° 

Fill: 650 Down

MSRP: $239

Testing the El Diente from Mountainsmith was a score in my book! This 650 fill down bag delivered great warmth while still providing plenty of room to move around comfortably in with out restriction. Yes at 220 lbs. I finally found a sleeping bag other than something from Big Agnes that truly allows me to sleep comfortably! 

The El Diente is made with a baffled box construction which is similar to the stitching you'll find on the common down comforter. A huge advantage with a baffled box construction is that it creates loft in each section which in turn elimantes cold spots due to compression. Also each box of the construction is filled individually and securely holds the goose down within its own chamber. 

The El Diente kept me warm on some rather cold December nights in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado's Front Range. I loved the roominess of this bag. I tend to toss and turn a lot during the night and seldom do I actually sleep on my back. No cold spot were created to my tossing and turning. The bag stayed warm, I actually remembering having to unzip it on different occasions since I sleep warm anyway. 

Additional Key Features:

  • Insulated Draft Collar
  • Box Baffle Construction
  • Contoured Foot box
  • Form Fitting Hood
  • Neck Baffle Collar
  • Full Length Draft Tube

 Overall I was very impressed with Mountainsmith's El Diente. Bottom line I slept warm and comfortably through some very cold Colorado winter nights. A 650 down filled sleeping bag, rated at 5° for $239 isn't a bad deal at all. The bag compresses down to roughly the size of a basketball and is a tad bit on the heavy side, but that should be expected with its rather large dimensions. The 65" shoulder girth of this bag made it for me! If you are a larger person and have had trouble finding a bag to suit your sleeping needs, this might be the bag you've been looking for. Heck, maybe you're not that big but you just need more room for movement, I strongly recommend you giving the El Diente a serious look when purchasing a cold weather bag. 



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