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My Bloody Valentine

Following a great UpaDowna Sunday Adventure hike and a quick and fast snow that came blowing in, I’m glad to have one more treat in store for the day. My Bloody Valentine is a delicious Red Ale from Alesmith Brewing Company. Not that there wasn’t enough opportunity for delicious treats this weekend, but my lovely scored me one more tasty treat to wrap up the weekend.

This sweet tasting red ale pours to a crimson red body with a foamy tan head. Sweet notes of caramel and chocolate meet you on the front side of the taste. On the follow a balanced carbonation and a smooth creamy feel set the tone for the palate. Served in bomber bottles this would have been a great beer to share with your loved on Valentine’s Day, but if you’re single there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy this beer too. “Singles Awareness Day” should be in full effect too! Be it you like big strong beer or easy and smooth brews are more your style, this is a good choice for anyone. With a devilish ABV of 6.66% and an IBU rating of 24 this is a pretty easy drinking beer. So, if you’re in a pinch next year for a V-Day gift don’t hesitate to pick up a Bloody Valentine Ale for the beer lover in your life.




22 oz.


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