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MYRCENARY Double IPA from Odell Brewing CO. takes no prisoners and will leave you wondering WTF just happened as it slices and dices your sobriety with it’s 9.3% ABV smoothness. This killer ale is dialed for destruction and yeah it’ll sneak up on you and WHAMO you’re down for the count!

But really this beer does not  pay homage to the gun for hire warrior mentality rather it refers to hops that ooze with Myrcene, which is actually a terpine that gives hops their strong odor and round house kickinthemouthablity! One of the greatest flaws of strong IPAs especially the double IPAs is that more often than not your taste buds are so nuked after drinking one that you cannot taste the intricacies of the following brews. This is simply not the case with this delicious and vicious beer. After one, two, or even three you still retain the full faculties of your taste buds! But I have to warn you that this beer is not for sissies as it’s ABV tells you this beer is ready for action, in fact I would say that this is one of the very few strong IPAs out there that I would suggest to the crowd of beer drinkers that generally steers clear of the high IBU brews. Sure you notice the fruity flavor at first sip but it does not linger and you end with a clean fresh almost palate clearing finish. In other words Odell Brewing Co. is killing it with this beer!

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