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Native Eyewear: Grind Sunglasses – UpaDowna
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Native Eyewear: Grind Sunglasses

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MATERIAL: plastic frame, polycarbonate lenses
MSRP: $129

Born out of a desire to blend function and style Native eyewear has been putting out a great vibe and even better product.

For years I thought of sunglasses as more style than as gear and when I would buy a pair they were the styling $5.99 gas station special because I knew that I would soon lose or crush them. But the fact of the matter is that when you’re out in the elements whether it is high mountains with its equally high UV exposure or slamming the trout on the flat water your eyes are constantly getting bombarded by damaging rays from the sun and debris from the earth. You need a good quality pair of shades to not only enjoy the views but also to protect your eyes.

All of Native’s lenses are polarized to crisp up what you see and really make scenery pop, this was so evident that on multiple occasions I would hold my camera up to the glasses and take a more vivid picture using the lens as a filter.

The large lenses and snug fit of the Grind holds the frame close to my head and allows a greater range of vision without blank spaces created by the rims of most smaller frames. Yes, Native offers smaller frames but I was looking for a do it all frame that would also make me look cooler than I really am. The Grind was great for most activities and most light conditions since they have interchangeable lenses of varying darkness. There was a bit of fog build up when I was riding hard, but the Grind was not designed specifically for cycling, however Native does offer a number of styles for cycling. Another thing I was surprised by was that my pronounced cro-mag brow actually rubbed some of the brow rubber off of the glasses.

This more pronounced brow ridge was meant to add extra protection from sweat getting into your eyes and it did a really good job everytime. So for form, function, and honest to goodness quality you truly cannot go wrong with these glasses. And no, unfortunately, I am no cooler than I was before I got Native, but I sure do feel that way!

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