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New Belgium Citradelic

SIZE: 12 oz
ABV: 6 %

Cheater, cheater, cheater. I mean it is good, but how dare you take the easy way?!?! “Juicy” IPAs belong to the east coast! So let me take a step back. There are some amazing IPAs out there that you would swear have more fruit juice in them than beer, but they actually have no fruit. Most of these beers are found where the rude people are: out east. They are Reinheitsgebot followers, not on purpose I’m sure. Well New Belgium isn’t, hence the word Belgium in the name. Those whackos will put anything in a beer. New Belgium more so than actual Belgium breweries. I struggle internally debating whether this is cheating or not. I struggle with that in general with beer. Is the use of puree or fruit juice cheating compared to using real fruit? Is corn cheating? Is sugar cheating? I think as long as they are honest, then who cares? Depending on the day, I do… just not today. So what are they being honest about? They put it right on the label. Tangerine IPA… they use tangerine peel. The other beers I’m talking about use some sort of sorcery involving yeast and hop combinations to make juicy, cloudy, and fruity IPAs with no actual fruit in them. This beer is good, though a little simple. That’s not always bad, but sometimes it isn’t what you’re looking for. This beer is in my fridge and will probably make appearances there repeatedly. However, given the choice between this and something a little deeper, I’ll probably choose the latter. It’s a good substitute for those east coast IPAs right here in our liquor stores though.

The Beta:

Pairs well with a sunset at the Oil Well Flats

Pretty decent gateway drug for those you know that are hop-afraid. The fruit softens the blow.

Dear Mrs. New Belgium… if you’re gonna put fruit peel in a beer, how about we talk about remaking Mothership Wit? Do it. You know you want to.

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