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Ninja vs Unicorn

SIZE: 16 oz
ABV: 8 %

What would happen if a Ninja and Unicorn fought? Who cares. Drink the beer you weirdo. Ninja versus Unicorn from Pipeworks brewing is a phenomenal double IPA that we are lucky to occasionally see here in Colorado. If you missed this one on tap or in the stores in the Springs you need to step up your game, or don’t so I can get more! It’s a super fruity DIPA that replaced my post ride recovery drink for as long as it lasted. The first thing you notice when pouring this beer is that sweet hop burst from opening the can. This beer is what more people need to do with their DIPA. Hide that alcohol in a sweet light bodied beer that showcases the hops without overwhelming with bitterness. I hope this starts making a more regular appearance here so I can fill my fridge with it.

The Beta:

An occasional appearance in town that hopefully becomes more frequent.

A DIPA that hides the alcohol well and showcases those tropical hops.

Pairs well with a ride on a single speed cross bike equipped with studded tires

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