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NKOTB…Mile High Mountaineering

When it comes to backpacks, are you tired of the same old thing? Have you been waiting for a pack that boasts a little more personality, that doesn't sacrifice functionality? If this sounds like something you've been looking for, it has arrived! With no further ado, I would like to introduce you to the new, young, hip, company from Denver Colorado, cleverly named for the town they're from and love, Mile High Mountaineering!

With a triple threat arsenal of packs to choose from, Mile High Mountaineering's got your back!

The Flatiron is the baby of the group. This 38 liter pack was made for light load, short adventures.

The Divide is their comfortable 55+ liter mid-size pack, perfect for multi-day trips and exploring.

The Fifty-Two 80 is the big boy of the group, with a carrying capacity of 80 liters. This heavy duty pack is great for longer treks and thru-hikes.

We are pretty stoked to be leading the charge by getting these packs out into the Colorado wild lands and giving them a full review. In fact, recently Yeti and I got out a short trip just to give the Divide and Fifty-Two 80 a quick run to see what we thought.

The Divide is a well thought out pack ready for action that holds weight well (loaded with 45 lbs it carried well). Once the pack was fitted and loaded there were really no major issues. Things that set this pack apart is the fact that they are designed to be as user friendly as possible with a cavernous zipper opening down the length of the pack as well as the awesome integrated sleeping bag stuff sack. I have to admit I am not sold on the lack of fixed stash pockets in the hip belt, but the accessory pouch used for carrying your water bottle does hold some promise.

The Fifty-Two 80 also fits like a champ! One of the most wonderful features for me while using this pack was how simple the adjustment was to fit a larger frame. The straps adjust up to 22" which was still a little tight for me, but by far one of the better fitting packs I have ever worn. The Fifty-Two 80 doesn't offer a cavernous zipper like the Flatiron and the Divide. Instead it offers a large center zip external pocket that is separated from the main storage compartment by an internal divider. That also includes a U-shape zipper that allows you access to the main compartment opening the pack like a duffle bag. This allows for more organization, which is an extremely important feature on longer hauls. It also includes the same side entry integrated sleeping bag stuff sack compartment as the Divide, which Yeti and I both really dig.

I've also been using the Flatiron as a daypack, for short hikes like the Manitou Incline and exploring new trails. With a carrying capacity of 38 liters it's a pretty big pack for something like the Incline, but it's hard for me to find smaller packs that actually fit. Thanks to the same adjustable features as the larger two packs the Flatiron has become my quick go to pack for all of my smaller adventures. Like the Divide it also offers the cavernous zipper opening down the length of the pack for maximum accessibility. This feature along with the pack's size also makes it great for an emergency kit, in case you keep a pack readily at hand.

Although this is a very preliminary review (actually this is simply a glorified introduction), there will be formal full fledged reviews appearing here in the near future so stay tuned for full reviews on each pack.

Also if you're in Colorado, Mile High Mountaineering would like to invite you to be their guests at Casselman's Bar and Venue in Denver, on April 28th for their release party!


Flatiron $189

Divide $269

Fifty-Two 80 $349

If you want to be one of the very first people to own one of these packs email Put UpaDowna in the subject line to receive 10% off your pack. By doing so MHM will also be generously throwing in a free compression sack, a $30 value!



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