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I woke to a light dusting of fresh snow outside this morning. I wish it would have been more, but I'm thankful that we got anything at all. It sure has been a dry deceiving winter here in Colorado. The Sun eventually broke through and everything is all but gone now. Watching the snow melt got me thinking of adventures far across the land and wondering what it must have been like for all those explorers long before us. Imagine the sights they must have seen, without having a clue of the wonders they were about to stumble upon. With thoughts like that on my mind, it makes perfect sense that I chose Nomad by Great Divide Brewing Company to be this week's BOTW. 

Nomad is a crisp refreshing pilsner perfect for a warm day. It pours to a luminous golden body with a very thin head. Bubbles brilliantly dance up the pint glass to the surface of the pour. The taste and feel of this beer is not very sticky or over powering. Honestly for being a pilsner it's a little tame, but in all fairness it's not a German pilsner. It drinks very light, and there's not much for lacing left over either. The aroma is pleasant and you can detect a light hint of spicy hop notes. This refreshing pilsner has an about average ABV of 5.4% and you can easily drink a few. I don't think I would spend a whole night drinking these with some buddies, but I'm sure we would do fine with a pitcher or two.

Overall I think the Nomad is a very refreshing easy drinker. Perfect "Downa" to whatever your "Upa" might be.   



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