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Oatmeal Stout

SIZE: 12 oz
ABV: 5%

Hip Hip Hooray! Three cheers for Upslope Brewing company as they are coming hot off of celebrating their 7th anniversary of producing quality craft beers here in Colorado!! And what better way than to continue their charge by re-releasing their seasonal limited edition Oatmeal Stout? As with all of their beers, Upslope brewing company chooses to only can their beers paying homage to the packability of our favorite libations as well as its recyclability and environmental consciousness. Cracking the can of beer was a welcome reward after another great event, our 2nd annual Global Fat Bike Day was this past weekend and we were lucky enough to have Upslope’s support as they threw their beer brewing might behind the event and provided a great selection of cold beers for all to enjoy!


The 5% ABV beer pours cocoa brown and is happily topped with a full volume of tan head comprised of dense bubbles. Hiding under the mat of bubbles is a mild 25 IBU, semi sweet yet dry stout that is both crisp and calming. Hints of heavily roasted grains coupled with a thick malt sweetness cover the front of the stout but as it progresses it opens the way for a dry semisweet finish that is not so dry as to dry your mouth but it is enough to leave you wondering at the complexity of this great beer and leaving you eager for the next sip!

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