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Old Guardian


Quite the find and merely by chance did I come across this fine bottle. I have to admit Barleywine is not one of my top choices when it comes to beer, but it definitely has it place, and tonight that place is in my belly! 

This Barleywine pours to a burnt orange colored body with a thin off white head. A wonderful aroma of honey, tropical fruits greets your sense of smell. The taste is sweet up front with hints of banana, followed with a hoppy bitterness that Stone Brewing Co. is known for. The carbonation was well balanced and mouthfeel was smooth and crisp. Like many barelywines this one doesn't lack any luster when it comes to the ABV. The Belgo O.G. stands tall at whopping 12% ABV! Drink with care.

The Old Guardian Belgo is an off shoot of Stone Brewing Company's Old Guardian. The Belgo is brewed with Belgian Yeasts giving it a unique taste. Delicous malts and the Belgian Yeast add a great touch and nice balance to this beer giving it full body feel.




22 oz.

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