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Olicamp Ion Micro Titanium Stove

MATERIAL: Titanium
WEIGHT:4.5 grams/1.5oz
MSRP: $49.95

The little stove that could. That is all I could think of as I fired up the Olicamp stove for the first time. This combo titanium and stainless steel stove is a tough little guy designed for the light and fast crowd. Producing a smooth 8900 BTU it takes just over 4 minutes to boil 2 cups of water and has enough sensitivity in the fuel adjustment to produce a nice little simmer as well. Designed to be strong and durable this stove has pleased me with its amazing light weight and compact size. I think Olicamp is on to something here.


When shopping for gear I tend to try and find multiple uses for the majority of my equipment and usually will ditch anything I cannot find more than one use for and fortunately this humble little stove is not only great for cooking but also gives you no excuses not to bring a stove. Most folks see a stove as a simple cooking tool and their thought about it ends there, but in addition to it’s primary use it can also be a valuable piece of equipment that can literally save your life. Having the power of iso-butane can help dry damp tinder and make lighting a fire much easier in wet conditions. Burning through a lighter, matches or other fire starting tools in an attempt to get a fire lit in foul weather is no fun, but with a small stove it is too easy!

I understand that the weight weenies will throw up their hands in disgust at me mentioning bringing a stove at all but what I would say is that safety comes first. If it is minimal weight 1.5 oz and can handle double duty, why the hell would you not bring one?

Billed by Olicamp as the smallest and most compact, as well as the lightest canister stove in the world, this thing has a lot to offer. And what’s more is that it really is not ridiculously priced. You’d be hard pressed to find a comparable unit for less than $50!


Packing down to the size of a box of tic-tacs this stove features 3 foldable legs that will support narrow based pots, but those with any larger bases buyer beware you may accidentally dump your dinner! Easy to adjust flame control helps to simmer or out right boil with ease. I have used this to simmer soups, boil water, and make amazing cups of oatmeal with out issue and am throughly enjoying this nice little piece of equipment.

Compact, lightweight and a decent output this stove is a great addition to your kit, especailly if you’re looking to lighten the load.

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