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Osprey Aether 85

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Capacity: 5,000 to 5,400 cu/in

Weight: 4lbs 12oz to 5 lbs 3oz

Price: $289

The Osprey Aether 85 is pretty much the bee's knees if you're looking for 2-3 day backpacking trip, heading out for a day at the local crags, or hiking a 14er. It's a a great pack and it has a lot to offer.

The pack ranges in size from 5,000 cu/in to 5,400 cu/in (varies with size) but the pack has all these different straps and pockets which can make your life much much easier while hiking or climbing.  The first thing that comes to my mind is the attachment system that enables free hands from trekking poles by making it simple to strap them to the pack.  It has two elastic loops, one is on the left side of your chest and the other is on the bottom left side of the pack. It also has double ice tool loops, a detachable top pocket, and something that every pack should have, an "AddOns Pack Attachment". Simply put, the AddOns are accessories for the main pack!! The Osprey Aether offers different choices  and they are worth looking in to.  Check out this site. Osprey AddOns

The pack has a very simple design but it offers a sleeping bag pocket, straps for a sleeping pad, outside mesh pockets, two water bottle holders,  the top pocket, and outside mesh pockets.  All these pockets make it pretty easy to stay organized. In addition, it also comes in three colors.


The main thing I used the pack for was hiking into different climbing areas. I could easily carry all of my climbing gear and everything else I needed for a day out on the rock. I had the pack full and it weighed about 40 lbs. Once I had it dialed in it felt like much less than 40.  Osprey has some basic instructions for getting the pack fitted and they make it pretty foolproof if you follow them.  Loosen all the straps…..put the pack on…….tighten the straps starting at waist level and then move up. The pack has many different straps and at first it was a little overwhelming until I did my homework and figured out what the hell they all do.  They reduce pack movement on the back and make it easy to cinch the pack down even when there is unused space. I have three Osprey packs and every one of them does an amazing  job at strapping comfortably, tightly, and efficiently onto my back.  The slightest movements of a large pack over a long period of time can make for a major irritation…..Osprey eliminates that from happening.

Osprey makes some stellar packs and the Aether 85 is no exception.

Climb On,


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