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OtterBox Waterproof Case – UpaDowna
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OtterBox Waterproof Case

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OtterBox 1000

Dimensions: Exterior 4.8" x 3.6" x 1.6"

Interior: 3.7" x 2.3" x 1.0"

Weight: 0.3lbs

MSRP: $11.49


OtterBox 3500

Dimensions: Exterior 8.8" x 5.2" x 4.2"

Interior: 7.6" x 3.6" x 3.3"/ 146 cu.in

Weight: 1.1lbs

MSRP: $28.49

With the days of technology rapidly sweeping through all industries including the outdoor industry, it is a welcome addition to know that OtterBox has us in mind when they design their products. Once seen by me only as a manufacturer of bulky boxes and expedition worthy equipment. I never thought I would have a need for such a storage box. Although I really wanted to have all of the cool gadgetry that would need the intense protection that OtterBox provides, I knew it was not really me, or so I thought! 

In addition to this review we are also giving away a brand new OtterBox, details toward the end of this write up!

Before I get too deep into this review let me tell you a little story:

Once there was a young lad that enjoyed climbing mountains. He climbed them whenever he got the chance and often was able to convince a few of his like minded buddies to join him on some of his adventures. Being like minded folks this quickly turned into an excuse to get away for a few hours and enjoy the physical pain and pleasure of hiking steep slopes all the while hauling cans of PBRs to celebrate with upon reaching the summit. As time passed technology evolved and soon everyone was hauling cameras as well as mp3 players and phones. Gone were the simple days, but borne out of necessity the young lad succumbed to his wife's pleading and carried the electronic leash that is the cell phone and on his own accord he carried an mp3 player for motivational tunes when running rapidly down the icy trails.

Unfortunately on one of these descents all of the PBRs had not been consumed (a sin in itself) and the young lad threw the thin skinned can of joy into his pack and headed down the trail. During the jostling of the pack and it's contents the PBR was freed from its carbonated aluminum coffin and spewed forth a  mighty blast emptying its entire 12 ounces. Being a well constructed bag with minimal escape holes for the liquid, the lads electronics were marinated in PBR for the duration of the 40 minute run!!

Now you can imagine my dismay when my cell phone and my IPOD were filled with beer!!! If only I had utilized one of these amazing little waterproof boxes produced by OtterBox!!!!!

Yes, this is a true story and I am sure most of us have a similar tale where something gets trashed due to liquid, dust, a fall etc. If you are one of the fortunate ones to have avoided this tragedy, rest assured your time is coming.

Now on to the review.

I received two of these boxes, the OtterBox 1000 and the Otterbox 3500.

The 1000 will hold something just barely larger than a deck of cards, while the 3500 is a bit larger and would hold about 9 decks of cards stacked 3×3 or 12 decks lined up in a row.

I am always skeptical and was convinced that I could most assuredly destroy one of these boxes. Sure I could shoot it, or run it over with a tank or throw it in a fire. But the purpose of this is to expose the item to real life circumstances and see how it fares.

I abused these boxes I dropped them off of a cliff down a 40 foot rocky waterfall, tried to sink them (they float), kicked them, threw them, soaked them, froze them everything I could think of. And they survived with flying colors!!!

OtterBox has a well constructed product that does exactly as it is supposed to. Now that does not mean there were no points of contention:

  • Latches are TOUGH to open and were nearly impossible with winter gloves on (I assume they become easier to open in time)
  • One of the latches looked as though it was going to break when I tried to open the box once I had frozen it with water in the latch
  • Bulky

In answering the above points I would like to give the positive points:

  • Very very secure once latched
  • Latches are easily replaceable
  • Larger boxes are foam lined
  • Can zip tie/small luggage lock the boxes for additional security
  • Seem to be designed to accept 2" webbing either to aid in locking it shut or to add a carrying strap
  • Seals well, is truly waterproof so long as seam is kept debris free
  • Tough as nails

With the variety of sizes and shapes Otterbox truly does provide protection for all of your needs. They are not limited ot this style of waterproof boxes check out the OtterBox site for more beta on all types of protection for all types of gear from laptops to iphones and everything in between. If electronics are not your game, these boxes would make great geocaches, keep your survival kit, or your first aid kit dry. Hell anything you can stuff in these cases is sure to stay nice and dry!

One last thing!!! We are giving away a genuine waterproof drybox made by OtterBox!! WhooHooo!!! In order to score the free box simply comment on this post as to why you deserve one and we will randomly select a winner. Be sure to leave an email address or other way to get in touch with you should you win! This contest will be open for 10 days starting NOW!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Deaghlan for winning the OtterBox 3500!!

Thanks to all who gave it a go! More give-aways soon!

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