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Outdoor Tech Turtleshell Portable Boom Box

Outdoor Technology Turtleshell Wireless Boombox

  • Power: Rechargable Lithium Ion battery
  • Protection: Rugged design/IPX6 dustproof and waterproof
  • Play time: 8 hrs music/9 hrs talk
  • Range: 30 feet (according to website) we got 90 feet!
  • MSRP: $149

While I am not a fan of blasting music in the backcountry I do like a little bit of music around a campfire or a car camp site with friends. And being as musically challenged as I am that means either my friends run off screaming at my singing or I can play music off of my phone which is disturbingly tinny. That is until now, with the scientific electronical wizardry that is Blue Tooth and more importantly how well Outdoor Technology managed to capture the technology and have it rock out on their Turtleshell portable boombox. With the OT Turtleshell I can stream my playlist to a speaker that produces amazingly deep base and stellar highs from up to 90 feet away from my phone. The website says only 30 feet but we measured and right at 90' from my phone was the first time it started to cut out.

This little speaker is one bad mama jamma with deep base, solid highs and crisp sounds for all of my music and it is a controller in and of it self! From the buttons on the side of the speaker I can control volume, change tracks and even answer the phone. Having this capability enables me to leave my phone charging so I can engage with the folks I am with rather than looking at my damn phone constantly.

What is more important is that this ruggedized little unit is ready for my active lifestyle I can (and have) dropped it repeatedly kicked if off of the porch, threw it to a friend and set it in precarious positions with out fear. 

There is no doubt the speaker is durable but what really makes this thing shine is the sound quality. You get great sound no matter what but if it is standing on a solid surface like a table, rock, tree, what ever it allows the hollow port at the bottom to really do its thing by creating a thump that is really not what I expected from such a compact unit.

This thing THUMPS! If you're on the fence of whether or not a blue tooth speaker system is for you….it is, seriously and you can even grab one of their Turtle Claw bike mounts to take it where ever you go, and you better believe this will go on our JoyRide cruises this summer!


  • -Wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • -Standard threading for multiple accessories
  • -IPX6 dust and waterproof standard
  • -Rugged, minimal design
  • -Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • -9-10 hours of Hi-fi sound or talk time
  • -Operating distance: up to 30 feet
  • -Operation time: Talk- 9 hours/Play music: 8 hours
  • -Standby time: 700 hours
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