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Outward Bound Instructor Dies During Trip

travisTravis Lizotte a 25 year old Outward Bound instructor died tragically when an ice bridge he and his team were crossing collapsed while attempting to summit Mount Tronador near Bariloche, Argentina.

The Outward Bound 72 day course was attended by 11 students and 3 instructors. During the bridge crossing the ice broke plummeting Lizotte and the other 3 members of his rope team deep into a crevasse. A crevasse is one of the most dangerous aspects of mountaineering due to the fact that often thin ice bridges cover them so they are undetectable. Once pressure is placed on the thin bridge often it will collapse, many who fall into a crevasse are never found.

The other members of Lizotte’s rope team were students, one student suffered a fractured arm another student remains hospitalized with multiple fractures and chest and back injuries. Lizotte was pronounced dead at the scene.

All accounts of the Aspen, CO native state that he was a great outdoorsmen, passionate and skilled about his craft.

Outward Bound is an outstanding orgainzation that thrives on imparting wisdom of the natural world. However there have been a few mishaps in recent years including the lost hikers in the Sierras last year.

This accident should in no way be blamed on Outward Bound, mountains are inherently dangerous places and accidents do happen!

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