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Oveja Negra bike packing bags first impression

DESCRIPTION: Bike packing bags
MSRP: $100 for large Super Wedgie

My search for a frame bag began because of two big rides this year (big for me at least). Two different rides… one a grueling weeklong gravel ride, and the other a pre stocked hut to hut mountain biking trip. My first Oveja Negra purchase was a partial frame bag. They call it the Super Wedgie. It is a frame bag that still allows a water bottle on the seat tube. Unfortunately, my triangle is a little larger than their stock Super Wedgie, so I returned it and started a custom order creating a slightly larger one. Having to do this gave me some insight into Oveja Negra’s customer service. They were super helpful, accommodating and a pleasure to deal with.

The bag is pretty great. To create a custom bag, I printed off their custom order form and sent it in with a poster board detailing exactly what I needed. Tracing the frame on a sheet of poster board and marking everything including water bottle mounts, cable guides, and tube locations made me wonder how well it would fit. The more time you take to make sure this is right, the more right it will be. My bag arrived very quickly after being ordered. It fit perfectly, like really perfectly. I am impressed with their ability to turn my child like tracing into a perfect match for my frame.


Oveja Negra’s example of how to trace your frame and what to mark

I’ve been using the frame bag for commuting so far and am very happy with it. I’ve taken everything I need for work off my back and stashed it away in the frame where I forget about it. A usual day for me commuting includes lunch, dinner, a couple drinks, and various other odds and ends. It is seriously impressive getting to work and pulling out two frozen salmon, two sweet potatoes, a bag of veggies, a soda, a bag of coffee, and some clothes. All this and nothing on my back.

I have enjoyed using this bag so much that I ordered a handle bar set up, a seat bag, and am about to order another small custom frame bag for my mountain bike. I have zero complaints about Oveja Negra and their bags. I am really looking forward to testing these bags more and hopefully coming back with more praise for them all.

oveja negra-2

If you’re in the market for any sort of bike bag I’d recommend reaching out to Oveja Negra!


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