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Overland Equipment Maisie Carry-All Bag


  • Colors: Available in 7 color combinations
  • Dimensions: 13" x 11" x 3" (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 0.90 (lbs)
  • Materials: 840 D & 1680 D Ballistic Nylon with 210 D Ripstop Nylon Liner
  • MSRP: $70

I'm not really a purse kind of gal. I need a bag that is going to be able to hold a variety of things that I might need in my adventure lifestyle. On any given day, you could find some, or all of these items in my "purse": a Nalgene, bandana, coffee mug, dog leash, beer bottle opener, fruit, granola bar, sunscreen, and lets not forget my "office supplies" such as my iPad, paper notebook, calendar and UpaDowna stickers! So, in order to carry all of that, I need a bag that has pockets, pouches and padding. The Overland Maisie is one bag that I have tested that is reaching above and beyond my expectations! Cute enough to be feminine but professional enough to take to a meeting, this bag has it all. Beginning with the exterior, the fabric is a tough 840D and 1680D Ballistic Nylon. On the back it has a large slit pocket, and a Velcro closure on the front flap.  

I'll tell you my thoughts on the Velcro closure a little later. An adjustable shoulder strap and carrying handle make traveling with it a breeze. On the inside, there is a 210 D Ripstop Nylon , super cute flower pattern that outlines two sections of the bag. The first section is an expandable pouch to keep everything from keys to your wallet to business cards, zippered pockets for change, sleeves for pens and pencils, a fleece lined sunglasses or cell phone pocket and two larger pouches for things like granola bars…score! The middle compartment is a great place to keep a notebook, books and larger items. The third compartment is a large and somewhat padded fleece lined pocket that is great for iPads or small laptops.

Some of the drawbacks of this pack for me were that after a few weeks, the Velcro wasn't sticky anymore causing items in the expanding front pouch to fall out and it wasn't able to hold items such as a jacket under the flap when I was riding my bike. I fixed this by adding my own webbing and clips to keep it closed and secure items under the flap. I've struggled with finding a good location for my water bottle. It would be nice to see a water bottle pocket somewhere, either on the outside, side panel, or a mesh pocket on the inside, middle pouch. 

Items seems to fall out easily from the front pouch due to uncontrollable expansion.If sides were zippered or had a strong Velcro or magnet patch, the user could easily tighten the pocket up or release it when more space was needed. I rarely use the stretchy fleece lined pocket because it is downright annoying. The loose/expanding fleece tends to get caught on things and makes it hard to move items in or out of this section. My recommendation? Lose the loose fleece. Make it a padded sleeve that is still lined but not loose/expanding. This pocket also did not have any padding at the bottom and when I would set the bag down, I could hear my iPad hit the floor. I'd like to see a padded bottom that protects the iPad and other possibly breakable items. 

Besides some of the drawbacks, I really enjoy this bag and will continue to use it for my everyday endeavors

Adventure On! 


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