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Pabst Blue Ribbon


Finally something to look forward to on Mondays while we wait for the NFL to kick off, other than badgering your friends and co-workers over their drunken weekend escapades. Inspired by our friends from BeerTapTV and the huge shout out they gave us, we're going to regularly write about a new beer every Monday! That's 52 beer reviews a year, we're really bummed about this and none of us want to do it. The reality is we are all going to be fighting over who gets to post this one! Maybe Juicebox, Yeti, UTM, Ryan, and I should all go beer for beer together one night or something. That would be a good way to settle it, and bring out some friendly bragging rights. That's the jist of Monday posts from now on here on UpaDowna in the mornings. That doesn't mean that other new and exciting posts won't be put up the same day, so pay attention to the site. Without further ado, here we go.

In the tradition of things UpaDowna and keeping it real, our first "Beer Of The Week(end)" post is going to none other than Pabst Blue Ribbon! PBR has been with us on every UpaDowna Incline Happy Hour, and it was also the first beer to ever touch an UpaDowna pint glass. Who knows PBR might end up being the first beer to summit every 14er in ColoRADo! I'll have to look into that one. It will summit Mt. Qaundary this Saturday. We love PBR, that's all there is to it! It's a smooth, affordable, great tasting beer that seems to never stop flowing when we're around. I just downloaded a new app for my iPhone PBRmeASAP!!! Out of control, this will be huge a factor in deciding all of my new watering holes!

Here's to you PBR, thanks for always being with us. You are one faithful beer. Menikmati

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