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PB2-Powdered Peanut Butter

It's ok, you might have done the same thing I did. "Huh? Powdered peanut butter? Heck normal peanut butter is a force to be reckoned with when it sticks to the roof of your mouth, but will the dry stuff be asking for a cement like stickiness?" This is what I initially thought but then, my train of thought was swiftly transported to the world of camping. AMAZING!!! Just add water! Suddenly, the possibilities were endless! No need to carry around a huge jar of actual peanut butter in my pack or an endlessly gooey mess in a plastic bag.. Now, don't get me wrong, there are plenty of great options out there for camping. One of my all-time favorites being Justin's Nut Butter. But…when you peruse the PB isle and see a "Salmonella" warning along side your go-to individual squeeze packs of peanut butter…you tend to pass it up.

PB2 is the ingenious invention of Bell Plantation, founded in Tifton, GA around 1991. They are inspired by the need to improve profitability for family farmers. Or, according to them: "When you buy Bell Plantation products you’re choosing flavorful, healthy innovation that’s good for you, your family, and for America’s family farms." Besides peanut butter, they also make roasted peanut oil and "PB Thins" or basically, the powdered peanut butter packed into a bite-size cracker. The cracker only has 6 ingredients in it: Roasted peanuts, wheat flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, leavening agent, and the serving size (22g) is only 100 calories!

Compared to Justin's and other popular peanut butter, PB2 comes in at 85% less fat calories!

PB2 was very easy to make and if need be, I added a little extra H2O or powder to make the perfect consistency. Kids even have fun mixing it together! After we rejuvenated our PB, we immediately grabbed a banana and dug in, dipping it in the Chocolate PB2 was delicious!! To me, the original peanut butter flavor tastes a bit off the mark, but I really love the chocolate flavor! PB2 can be used in baking where both peanut butter and chocolate are called for. The Bell Plantation has some amazing recipes from simple snacks to smoothies and even delicious dinner ideas, one of which we will include in our upcoming November Newsletter

We found our original and chocolate flavors at our local grocery, King Soopers for $4.59 but it was also on sale for a whopping $3.99! Justin's runs anywhere from $8-$10 a jar. I'm sure PB2 will expand on flavors (although chocolate rocks!) and that will give Justin's a run for it's money.

As far as camping goes, PB2 comes in individual packs of 2 servings.  I didn't see that in the store but it is available online for only $10.20. This could easily pack into your food stash on the trail. It's even possible to mix in a plastic bag and scoop out with a spoon or crackers if needed. And maybe dusting over your GORP might be a nice addition too!

I think PB2 is pretty cool and can't wait to try one of their amazing recipes!

Adventure On!



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