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Peak Design: Capture Pro Clip – UpaDowna
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Peak Design: Capture Pro Clip

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  • Material: Aluminum
  • MSRP: $79.95

The Capture Pro Camera Clip from Peak Design is a piece of equipment no photographer should go without. For years now I've been rigging a medium format DSLR camera into the backcountry and along for other journeys via a carabineer and a strap, or some other home made rigging system connecting my camera to my backpack. No matter how well I secure the camera, I always run into a swing factor with it. The Peak Design Capture Camera Clip immediately grabbed my interest. This lightweight, compact clip is designed to fit to your belt or backpack straps to make camera carrying a cinch! There is a variety of Capture Clips to choose from, but the one I've been using is the Capture Pro. 

The Capture Pro is Peak Design's flagship carrying clip. The lightweight all aluminum body of the clip works with two plates making the bottom and the top of the capture. The two pieces are fastened together through two bolts which also allow the face or top piece of the Capture to swivel for easy access and fastening. The third component of the Capture is the base plate, which is mounted to your camera by way of the standard screw pattern found on the bottom of your camera's body for tripods. This piece is the key to connecting the camera to the capture. Removing for fast use is also a breeze! They hooked the Pro up with a snazzy quick release button that allows the base plate to smoothly remove from the fastened base. The button is easy to use, but positioned thoughtfully enough so that you don't accidentally hit it while carrying. I guess you could compare it to the safety on a gun. It's tough and tough secure!

At first it was a little nerve racking for me to forward carry my camera in such a way. Trusting such a little compact carrying system to safely hold my camera wasn't easy at first, but after lots of hiking and, mixing in a little pedaling too, I've had absolutely zero problems or concerns with the Capture Pro's durability or stability. I've trusted the weight of multiple cameras and lenses to the secure fastening system of the Capture Pro, and will continue to do so for a long time. This is one product the I'm proud to use, stand by, trust my gear to, and will refer to other photographers of all sorts and adventure minded folks capturing their POV moments for all. 

The Capture Pro from Peak Design is an all in one answer to concerns and struggles of fast access camera carry. The Capture Pro is compatible with any strap or backpack strap. Some of the thicker shoulder straps on backpacks require longer bolts or a sandwich style fastening requiring a little elbow grease. The Pro is rated at a 200 lbs. carrying weight as well. The base plate connects to most tripods, but not all. Unusual sizes and shaped tripod heads might require additional attachments.

Flat out the Capture Pro is the best thing to happen to quick camera carry since the camera strap! Speaking of camera straps, Peak Design also makes a complete line straps and leashes as well. In their own right (the straps and leashes) are pretty bomber too, in addition to some bomber detachable anchor points as well.

UPDATE!!! If you are thinking of purchasing any Peak Design gear use the coupon code "upadowna" at checkout to receive 10% off! 



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