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Pelican 2380R light

DESCRIPTION: 305 lumen re-chargable LED flashlight light
MATERIAL: Aluminum with Type II Anodized, PC lens, LED bulb
MSRP: $109.00

We all know Pelican for their cases but did you know they make lights as well?

First off let me say that I am not a fan of rechargeable flashlights. That being said this is an amazing light!

My problem with a rechargeable light is that you never know if it will have juice when you need it and I can never remember where I put the charger. Pelican solved both of these problems by adding an indicator light so that you can easily tell if it needs a charge and use the USB to micro USB charger which is really nice. The USB charger is great because I just plug it into my cell phone adapter and there you have it, too easy and I haven’t lost it yet. If you still don’t like the rechargeable option you can use the CR123 batteries. I found that I have been choosing to charge the light and just keep a couple CR123 batteries in my pack just in case. I have not needed to use the CR123 batteries but I put them in just to see how they work. You will need the battery sleeve that came with the light to make the batteries work, but it is easy enough to do that, just don’t forget it!


This light has a slide beam adjustment in the light bezel (you can see it in the picture above) which makes it different from most comparable lights and it works really well. I can’t be more adamant about how well the slide feature works, the flood mode is simply amazing, bright and wide while the spot mode is as good as any light I have ever used. Like most lights, the Pelican has a high and low setting as well as a strobe. The strobe mode seems a little off when you turn it on but I can assure you that if you point this toward someone it is unmistakable and it is one of the fastest strobe frequencies I have ever seen! While the flood and spot beams are obviously different, the spot is able to retain the majority of the flood’s width but with greater point brightness. By having this feature it made it nice for navigating in the woods and being able to see more than a small diameter of space in front of me.

Here is the flood


And here is the spot



The light feels solid in your hand and with the cut of the case it is easy to keep a hold of even in wet weather. And this tough feel translates into the real world by providing a rugged light. Believe me I have dropped this thing repeatedly and kicked it across the forest several times and it didn’t make me cringe when I did it. There is a belt clip on the main body and once again it works really well and helps with the grip. There is a slide port for the charger but if you make sure it is closed, Pelican claims that this light is waterproof up to 1 meter. Couple all these options with Pelican Lifetime guarantee and I don’t think you can go wrong.

I have chosen the Pelican 2380R over my other comparable lights for recent trips mainly for the flood option. For the money, Pelican nailed it with this light and I will continue to use and abuse this thing for a long time.

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