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Pentax WG-1 Camera

As outdoors folks we are pretty damn tough on gear, we're dirty, we bounce off of rocks and fall into creeks, sometimes we get a little too cold for comfort, but the fact is the phrase "pics or it didn't happen" comes up all too often in our groups. So what better way to capture all of the mishaps than with one incredibly bomber camera that takes outstanding pictures? Check out this review of our new favorite camera the Pentax WG-1.

Resolution: 14 megapixels

Shockproof: 5'

Freezeproof: 14°F

Waterproof: 33'

Video: 720 HD

MSRP: $300

To be honest I really have never dealt with Pentax prior to this review, I stuck to Canon, Nikon, and Olympus cameras and have really had no reason to stray. But boy am I glad that I got this camera in for review…the only bummer is that I got it shortly after I spent almost $500 on another camera that just can't hold a candle to this!

OK the facts are the facts, I have dropped this camera over 20' onto rocks, I threw it over 80' off of a sand dune, it had been dunked in pitchers of beer and freezing cold creeks and guess what, it still takes awesome pics! Sure it acts like most other cameras in that it takes pictures and video, but did I mention it is easily navigable and the pictures it does take are phenomenal! I mean check out this close up of grains of sand.

No I didn't have a scaled object but suffice to say these were teeny tiny itsy bitsy grains of sand. One of the things I liked the most, other than this camera's ability to make it look like I know how to take amazing pictures is that this camera is super easy to navigate with images for quick reference and a super fast start up time.

Also the addition of some LED lights surrounding the sealed lens allows for some really great lighting for macro shots. Action shots are a snap as well as you can see here.

I especially like the fact that the camera has a built in memory in addition to the expandable SD card and with the HDMI ports you can hook this bad boy up to any modern TV or computer and watch a quick slideshow of your adventures.

Regardless of the adventure I was having this camera was a breeze and I really do rely on it's great battery life, amazing clarity and ease of use. Now this particular model is not equipped with GPS tagging the next model up, the WG-1 GPS does. If you are into the nerdery of this camera and want to know the ISO and all of that techy stuff check Pentax's website here.

I would recommend ditching the cheesy biner it comes with because all it does is scratch up the screen if you throw it in your pack.

If you are like me and want a great camera that you are not constantly afraid of destroying then this is definitely a camera for you!

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