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Perennial Sump

SIZE: 750ml
ABV: 10.5%

I think coffee beers are great. The blending of a dark full bodied beer with a complimentary coffee really makes me happy. I’m not saying it will always work out and I’m not sure I can jump on the bandwagon of the coffee IPA or the coffee sour quite yet. However, a good base stout or porter starts the blending process off on the right foot in my opinion. Coffee choice and how its added seem to play a big part as well. Extracting the flavor and aroma without the bitterness seems to be a challenge for some breweries, not Perennial though. Sump is a quintessential coffee beer to me. Great base stout mixed with awesome coffee from Sump coffee roaster makes for an awesome pairing. Having been to Sump and ordered their coffee online a few times there is no doubting the quality of coffee that went into this beer. The base beer seems to be the perfect amount of flavor, roast, and mouth feel to showcase the coffee and highlight the pairing. It almost feels as if you’re drinking a full bodied lightly carbonated cold brew that has a hint of alcohol to warm up as it goes down. Not to mention that this beer comes to Colorado seasonally and is on the lower end of what breweries charge for a 750ml bottle now. The price point, exceptional flavor, and fanboy love have me buying up Sump when it hits our shelves.

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