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Petzl e+LITE

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Petzl E+LITE

Lumens: 16

Battery Life: 45 hours

Loudness of Whistle: 100dB

Weight: 28grams

MSRP: $29.95

I like the idea that some items never really leave my backpack. My survival staples live at the very bottom of my pack and are only seen on the occasional inventory. Such items as an emergency blanket, survival kit, and first aid pouch. These days, you’ll never find me without a headlamp, regardless what’s planned for the day. On more than one occasion a morning to afternoon hike has turned into a late evening descent.

Insert the Petzl e+Lite. A small lightweight emergency headlamp, the e+Lite comes in a reusable hard case and a battery with a ten year shelf life. Some other e+Lite features include two white lighting levels, one red, and two flash modes for signaling and a nifty whistle is integrated into the head band. Sure the 16 lumens is not going to be lighting up a landing strip, but remember this light is thought of as an emergency light not an everynight navigation tool.

It’s rare that you enjoy spending money on gear that you think will never get used, and I was sure this piece would never see the light of day. It wasn’t long before a hiking partner’s headlamp failed on a dark Barr trail descent, and out came the e+Lite. I was instantly impressed how bright and brilliant the light output was. I also found the dial-type switch easy to operate even with gloves on. The light swivels from the headband using a ball joint, making for easy adjustment. Surprisingly, the light stayed wherever you pointed it, even when trail running with it later. The e+Lite performed great while running, especially in conditions where you needed to be seen versus seeing.

After almost a year later and at 28 grams, I’m amazed that something so lightweight has held up to so much repetitive use. The light runs on two Lithium CR2032 batteries (included) which may prevent most of us from using it daily. I prefer to use something rechargeable and in my use, I got about 10 hours of total battery life. The light is also waterproof, includes a whistle, and is made to operate in extreme temperatures (-22 °F to +140 °F).

This is the fourth headlamp in my collection and easily my favorite with the overall usability and performance. At under $30, the Petzl e+Lite provides piece of mind that you or your hiking partner will make it down safely in low light conditions. A new ‘must have’ item for adventurers.

Guest review by Jeff E. Jeff is a Colorado based trial runner, climber, mountaineer and an all around beer drinking good guy!

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