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Pig’s Ass Porter

SIZE: 12oz
ABV: 5%

Harsh winters in northwest Montana mean a lot of prep work in the fall. Chopping and stacking firewood, canning the fruits and vegetables from the harvest, plowing the fields on the farm, maintenance on the tractors, and finishing up those pesky construction projects before the snow flies. So with all that hard work, there should also be some great rewards. Pigs Ass Porter is the perfect beer to finish out that hard day’s work.

Pigs Ass pays homage to a classic porter, with this smooth, dark brown, goodness in a bottle. The moderate carbonation created a nice creamy, tan head which is followed by delicious chocolate and caramel notes, and a slight smoky scent. The chocolate and caramel were not overpowering or too sweet, which was a great surprise. I have worked away from all the highly hopped ales lately, and this was refreshing with just a barely noticeable touch of hops. I also appreciated the 5% ABV so that I could continue on my day without stumbling around the farm while helping my brother with work.

Great beer starts with quality locally sourced ingredients. Harvest Moon draws their water from the Madison Aquifer under the middle of Montana, and their grains are sourced from the local farming communities. The spent mash goes back to the local pig farmers, which is exactly how this fine beer got its name.

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