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Pineapple Dank Juice

SIZE: 12 oz can
PRICE:$12.99 6-pack
ABV: 7%

You have to pick something up when the owner of the liquor store goes into the back room and brings out a sixer and says  “Do you want something that I promise is better than what you’re looking for”. You can’t say no to that.

Next thing I know, I’m walking out of the store with some fresh Odd Side Ales “Pineapple Dank Juice”.

This New England IPA pours a beautiful hazy golden yellow and created a medium to light head. It produces a sweet citrus aroma, but unexpectedly, I didn’t catch any pineapple in my first whiff. The first sips are met with a calm hoppy introduction that is very accessible. To give you an idea, my wife, a big fan of smooth porters or stouts, found this to be refreshing and didn’t give me the typical “no, nope, don’t like that” when she asks to try an IPA. The mouthfeel is surprisingly smooth with a little tingle on the back-end from the citrus flavors. As the beer warms slightly, you get a stronger taste of citrus as this really opens up its juicy character.

Overall this was a great beer, and it would be easy to keep a few in the fridge throughout the year, but the thing I liked most was that it immediately made me excited for this summer. I’m still loving the winter (I could do with a little more snow), but this beer reminded me of something I’d want after finishing a trail race on a warm summer day. If you’ve never experienced sitting with your feet in a creek listening to local band belt out some tunes after 20+ miles of mountain trails, just give the beer a try and you’ll get a taste of what it’s like.


Cameron K.

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