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Plymouth Rock Pumpkin Ale


Fall is by far my favorite time of year for beer. Seasonal stouts, Oktoberfest, and my overall favorite Pumpkin Ales stock the shelves in favorite liquor stores. Living in Colorado is an awesome place for any beer loving outdoor enthusiast. We have it all right here at our fingertips! Craft Brewing is blowing up here. And it doesn't hurt that there are trails to escape city life not far from just about anyplace you may live. One of these great Colorado Breweries that have been making leaps and bounds in their craft is Rockyard Brewing Company out of Castle Rock, Colorado. This week's BOTW is one example of their fine work.

The Plymouth Rock from Rockyard Brewing Company is a softly spiced pumpkin ale that I was proud to have in my own personal little pumpkin patch of beer. Sometimes I like a spice bomb style Pumpkin Ale, but more often than not I prefer a Pumpkin Ale that is a little more subtle on the seasonings and spices. Although it's not as soft as some of the others nor is it as spicy, I still notice a lot of nutmeg on the front of this one. It's a warm feeling ale that just goes great with a Fall night when a toasty full flavored lighter beer is nice.

The beer pours to a light brown-copper body with a minimal head and lacing that follows. Nothing to sticky on the mouth feel here either. I'd say it has an overall medium body and an average carbonation. That might not sound like much to you, but actually that feel is what nailed this one for me. There are a lot of other Pumpkin Ales out there that seem a little light on body and somewhat flat or low levels of carbonation that pull away from the overall feel. With an ABV of 5.8% the Plymouth Rock is a pleasant and easy drinker. A great Pumpkin Ale softly flavored enough for someone who isn't the biggest fan of pumpkin style ales and still tasty enough to satisfy the pumpkin lovers out there.





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