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Earlier this week two new beers from New Belgium Brewing Company hit the shelves, the Slow Ride IPA and an American Porter, Portage. To be honest I was looking more forward to the release of the Slow Ride, but the Portage is the beer that won me over out of these two.

The Portage is a rich tasting Porter with thick coffee and chocolate flavors that back up a great rich and roasted taste. The Porter pours to a dark brown body with a fluffy light mocha brown colored head. The aroma and taste of this porter match each other perfectly. On the feel the Portage is smooth and creamy with a thick and sticky feel of lacing that coats the mouth that tends to be a bit dry on the finish. After a few nice drinks and letting the beer sit for a few minutes I noticed sweet hints of caramel and vanilla that are much softer than the upfront bold mouth flavors on the front end of coffee and chocolate. The most distinct characteristic that leaves the longest lasting impression on me would have to be the bold roasted flavor. Rounding out the feel of the Portage is a great balance of a moderate carbonation and an easy drinking ABV of 6.0%. The Portage is a recognizable tasting beer that makes for a great sipping beverage that is worth taking your time with and enjoying. This new Porter will have a permenant place in my fridge and my heart!




12 oz.

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