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Power Pot

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Power Practical PowerPot V

Output: 5W (5V, 1A)

Capacity: 1.4L

Weight: 14 oz (with power cord)

MSRP: $150

In our technology laden world we use a ton of power, from cameras to phones and GPS units we are constantly consuming electricity. And while for urban settings this can be as simple as plugging in to the closest wall outlet. However once we get far away from it all we may still need to power up our devices, and these days it seems like we are starting to master all sorts of ways to do this. There are wood fired charging sources and there are solar panels, and now there are ways to create electricity using your cooking pot! 

Two pots make up the system, the larger of the two (1.4L) is fitted with a thermoelectric plate on the base and features a cable connector wrapped in fire resistant material near the handle. The smaller pot can be used as a secondary pot, bowl, or lid for the primary pot (it has no thermoelectric plate). The system works by simply filling the larger pot with water or other liquid and placing it on your burning stove. As the plate heats up it converts the energy to electricity and you simply plug in your device and it starts charging with a full 5 watts. From ignition of your heat source to charging is a matter of seconds further supporting the effeciency of the device. The PowerPot will continue to charge the entire time you have a heat source and will even charge for a short time after you have removed it from the flame from residual heat. While I focused on water and a few soups for my tests the manufacturer recommends not cooking food in the pot and to not let the bottom of the inside of the pot to get over 212F or you could damage the unit.

By using the system I was able to charge a battery pack, a phone, and a camera battery at different times off of the system while it was fired up and found it to be producing a great amount of electricity. The down side is it was obviously only charging while I was cooking or heating water which tends to not be very long.  Also depending on your device a 10 minute charge may not go very far and to be fair I see this as more of an emergency charge rather than one so that you can play movies and such on your phone. Remember you are camping…unplug as much as possible!

The real key to this system is that it is extremely practical. If you are planning of cooking while camping why not have your cookware multitask and produce electricity as well? The PowerPot works over any heat source whether it comes from iso-butane, wood, esbit, alcohol, animal dung…really anything you can burn and what's more is that it has no moving parts so you can treat it like a normal pot.

This is a great little product that I hope will have lasting impacts on folks and the technology is one that should be used as much in urban settings as in the woods. This fairly inexpensive electrical generator is going to be a game changer not only for backpackers but for every person on the planet!


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