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Primus Eta Solo – UpaDowna
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Primus Eta Solo

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If you are looking for a great stove system that is highly efficient and compact, the Primus Eta Solo deserves consideration. After quite a bit of abuse we think that purchasing this would be money well spent.


MSRP: $70

Weight: 12.9 oz

Capacity: 0.9L

The Primus Eta Solo is a great stove for one or two folks looking to utilize one system with minimal fuss and ultimate efficiency in both fuel and cook times. With the stove system you have the 0.9L pot which is wrapped in a removable cordura heat shield to not only protect your hand from the hot aluminum pot but also adds a bit of insulation to keep your cooked food warm. The stove is integrated into the base and has a windscreen and heat exchanger which aid in over all efficiency of the stove. Along with this basic set up you get a nifty and well working pot hanger so you can utilize the system while it hangs from a branch as well as a plastic tripod wider base that comes in handy when you utilize the shield and pot legs that protects the burner if you wish to cook with pots other than the one included (should you do this the efficiency of the system is lost).

While using the system I was pleasantly surprised at the quick boil times which hovered just over 2 minutes for 1 L of water at 8,000'. The system features a piezo igniter that is pretty simple to use and even if the lighter goes out you can still fairly easily light the system although it does tend to hold gas well enough to give you an eyebrow singeing experience if you are not prepared!

The nesting Eta Solo fits all of the basic components (stove, pot, and 4oz. fuel canister) with in the pot when it is packed up but it packs tight and there is no room for the additional shield or hang system. another observation I had is when loading the system with an empty canister I was trying to see if it really mattered whether or not you had the fuel canister stacked under the stove or over it and when I loaded it over the stove I managed to crack the porcelain surrounding the igniter!

As a quick and easy system that comes with just about everything you need I think that Primus does one hell of a job and has really thought this system out and at $70 it is really a great deal.

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