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The three peaks of upadowna

The mission of the Summit Series program is to empower individuals to reach new goals for their health and wellness and to challenge their comfort zone by participating in fulfilling and rewarding adventure activities and classes.



Standup Paddleboarding (SUP)

Outdoor Wellness Series: Meditation, Yoga, & Zumba

This program is a series of activities and classes that focus on an individual skill or adventure. Goals of this program are to:

  • help participants try a new lifetime activity
  • create a safe and fun environment to step out of one’s comfort zone
  • and help individuals overcome a fear, apprehension, or questions about the activity.

With a focus on empowering individuals to “reach a peak” that they have identified as a barrier or goal ie: trying a new activity, adaptive adventures, scholarships to camps, entry fees to races, overcoming fears, etc. The Summit Series activities will also allow for growth by increasing one’s knowledge and skills with a “series” of classes that build upon the initial base.

The mission of the Community Campfire program is to create healthier communities by bringing together a diverse group of people centered around one topic where they can learn together, build friendships, and become inspired to stay active with one another.


Biking: Pedal Party

Educational Speaker Series: Adventure on Tap

Hiking: 3rd Saturday Adventures

(S)imilar (P)aths (U)nited by (R)ecreation Groups: Little Hikers

The Community Campfire program promotes gathering of a community around a common goal, topic, or activity. Usually involving a larger group of participants doing an activity together. Networking, social engagement, support, and interaction is encouraged. Goals of this program are to:

  • create a comfortable environment for participants to learn together
  • learn from one another through conversation and interaction
  • build a healthier community
  • spark motivation to stay active together outside of this program
Different from individualized activities, the community aspect creates a safe and fun environment where folks of all walks of life, backgrounds, and abilities can come together to participate in an activity where shared goals and outcomes are achieved through support, camaraderie, and kindness.

The mission of the Environment Essentials program is to help foster a respect for the environment and to motivate individuals to become more aware of their ecological footprint and how to minimize it.


Park Cleanups

Environment Essentials is focused on taking care of what we use. By incorporating our trail and park cleanups into this program, we provide a connection from outdoor activity to environmental stewardship. By practicing principles like Leave No Trace, we’ll help each individual that participates in this program to understand their connection to nature and the importance of taking care of what we have. Goals of this program are to:

  • teach responsible recreation
  • encourage environmental stewardship
  • provide environmentally friendly tools, tips, & techniques

This program is focused on making sure there are plenty of opportunities for the community to give back to the public spaces that gives so much to us.  Environment Essentials will help provide tools, tips, and techniques to help individuals minimize their impact on nature.

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