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One of UpaDowna’s cornerstone programs.

Our hiking adventures (also known as 3rd Saturday Adventure) takes place once a month. We plan a hike, snow day or other fun outdoor event in a new location. Dating back since January of 2012,  our first hike set the tone for the rest to come. It was a beautiful morning hike through our beloved Waldo Canyon. Each hike has a theme or outdoor education topic that we cover. Some have included the 10 essentials, wildfire safety/hazards, Leave No Trace and more.

Goals for this program include but are not limited to: connecting people with their natural surroundings in their community, connecting participants with other community members, helping to foster a level of comfort with exploring new spaces, education about the outdoors, environmental stewardship, and encouraging healthy lifestyles and behaviors.

We’ve seen some amazing spaces and places and will continue to see more as we explore our Pikes Peak region. We hope you’ll join us one day! Click here for our program calendar!

Our first 3rd Sunday Adventure! Waldo Canyon, Jan. 2012
Our first 3rd Sunday Adventure! Waldo Canyon, Jan. 2012



Here are some areas and trails we have explored:


Jan.- North Cheyenne Canyon- Forest Wandering
Feb.- Pulpit Rock Open Space- Geology & Flora/Fauna
March- Ute Valley Park- Tour with Friends of Ute Valley Park
April- Pure Bouldering Gym- Intro to Bouldering
May- Red Rock Canyon Open Space- Colorado Public Lands Day
June- Palmer Park- Tour with Friends of Palmer Park
July- Section 16/Red Rocks- Map Reading
Aug.- Paint Mines- Native American History/Geology
Sept.- Mt. Herman- Flora/Fauna
Oct.- Intemann Trail- Haunted Hike/History of Crystal Valley Cemetery
Nov.-Ute Valley Park- *NEW TRAIL*/Backcountry Cooking
Dec.- Garden of the Gods- Geology


Jan.- Hogback Trail, Red Rock Canyon Open Space
Feb.- Bear Creek Nature Center
March- Strawberry Hill, North Cheyenne Canyon
April- Mt. Cutler, North Cheyenne Canyon
May- Aiken Canyon
June- Garden of the Gods
July- Hammock Camping, North Cheyenne Canyon
Aug.- Palmer Lake Disc Golf
Sept.-Stephanie’s Trail, Bear Creek Park
Oct.- Fountain Creek Nature Center
Nov.-Blodgett Peak Open Space
Dec.-Bear Creek Park, Sledding


Jan.- Yucca Flats Dog Trail, Palmer Park
Feb.- Mid Columbine, North Cheyenne Canyon
March- Snow Adventure Day, Aspen Valley Ranch
April- Aiken Canyon Preserve
May- Iron Mountain, Manitou Springs
June- St. Peter’s Dome
July- 3rd Sunday Adventure DAY @ Pure Bouldering
Aug.- Thomas Trail, Green Mountain Falls
Sept.-Hammock Camping, North Cheyenne Canyon
Oct.- Disc Golf, Palmer Lake
Nov.-Red Rocks Trail #612, Woodland Park
Dec.- Snow Adventure Day, Aspen Valley Ranch


Jan.- Snow Adventure Day, Aspen Valley Ranch
Feb.- Paint Mines Interpretive Park
March- Snow Adventure Day x2
April- South Pikes Peak Greenway Hike and Cleanup
May- Blodgett Peak Open Space
June- 3rd Sunday Adventure DAY!
July- Ute Valley Park
Aug.- Paul Intemann Memorial Trail
Sept.- Section 16, Black Forest
Oct.- Olin Ranch
Nov.- Give! for the Garden
Dec.- Winter Solstice Hike, Stratton Open Space


Jan.- Snow Adventure Day, Aspen Valley Ranch
Feb.- North Cheyenne Canyon, Mt. Cutler Trail
March- Snow Adventure Day, Aspen Valley Ranch
April- Red Rock Canyon, Earth Day Trail Clean up with TOSC
May-Woodland Park Disc Golf
June- Rampart Reservoir
July- North Cheyenne Canyon, Seven Bridges Trail
August- Red Rock Canyon, Codell Trail
Sept.- Palmer Park (Canceled due to damaging flooding)
Oct.- Palmer Park, Yucca Flats Trail
Nov.- Stratton Open Space, Stratton Springs Trail
Dec- Pulpit Rock


Jan.- Waldo Canyon
Feb.- Snow Adventure Day, Aspen Valley Ranch
March- Palmer Park
April- Ute Valley Park
May- Red Rock Canyon
June- Stratton Open Space
July- Lovell Gulch
August-North Cheyenne Canyon, Columbine Trail
Sept.-Catamount Ranch Open Space
Oct.- Bear Creek Park, West
Nov.-Cheyenne Mountain State Park
Dec.- Garden of the Gods, Siamese Twins Trail

A new hike in a new location each month gives the community an opportunity to explore the Pikes Peak Region!

Various Locations

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