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Have you ever wanted to travel to Brazil or maybe the Philippines?

What about whitewater rafting down the Arkansas River or the Grand Canyon? Through our speaker series, you’ll have the opportunity to be inspired by these adventures and more. UpaDowna is bringing you the “Adventure on Tap” Speaker Series featuring a new discussion each month!

About Adventure on Tap: UpaDowna’s Speaker Series is a featured activity in our “Community Campfire” program. This activity features a new discussion each month. Through our speaker series, you’ll have the opportunity to be inspired by many different adventures. Keeping on theme with our mission, we want to inspire individuals to pursue outdoor endeavors and this is one of the ways we hope to bring new and exciting opportunities to you!

The Adventure on Tap Speaker Series will take place once a month (usually the 2nd Tuesday). Formats may change, depending on the speaker and their presentation including Q’n’A, book signings, movies and more. The event is free but donations to UpaDowna are always encouraged!

Apply to be our next Adventure on Tap speaker! Do you have an interesting story to share? From local mountaineering to overseas explorations, inspiring adventures to vacation tips…we want to hear it all! Fill out the form below to apply to be a speaker. Our staff will review it, take a look at our schedule and get back to you soon!

Adventure On!

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Our speaker series is a great way to enjoy the adventure of others all while being encouraged to take your own. Come gather around the “campfire” as speakers from our local community share their tales and pictures from around the world with us during this monthly event. We have a different speaker every month to enjoy.

Red Leg Brewing Company, 4630 Forge Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907



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