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What is the Adventure Prescription?

The UpaDowna Adventure Prescription was developed by our founder, Steve Hitchcock in February of 2018 as a way to encourage health care professionals to “prescribe nature” to their patients. In July of 2018, we introduced the “Adventure Rx Challenge” as a way for the community to stay active, and get involved with multiple UpaDowna programs. Sponsors of this initial challenge included Penrose-St. Francis Health Services, Osprey Packs, and Stanley. Interested in supporting this program? Send us a message here!

2018 results:

How it Works:

Take the Adventure Rx Challenge! Try a new activity, earn prizes, and score some sweet outdoor gear! Why take the challenge? UpaDowna wants to encourage you, your friends, and family to get outside and become more active in nature. Studies have shown that regular exercise helps reduce stress, maintain a healthy weight, and increase happiness!

Anyone can join, it’s easy! Here’s how:

  1. Register for FREE ——>
  2. Grab an Adventure Rx form at one of our events, or print it out —–>
  3. Choose your adventure
  4. Fill it out
  5. Present it to a staff member at a corresponding program (by Oct. 1st) to earn a prize!

Each time you come to a new adventure, you earn a new prize!

Want to really challenge yourself? Try each activity!
After you have tried all 4 activities, you’re in the drawing for the GRAND PRIZE, amazing items from Osprey Packs and Stanley! Prizes available for one adult participant and one child participant!

Know someone that needs to explore more? Refer them to our events with an Adventure Rx form and earn yourself, and your friend or family member who comes, a prize!

To be in the drawing for an Adventure Rx prize, we are encouraging NEW UpaDowna participants to turn in the forms. Returning participants can earn their way to the big prize also by proving they have been to all 4 events listed on the form, or, by attending a program to help fill in their form.

2018’s grand prize items:





Classic Vacuum Camp Mug

Adventure Base Camp Cook Set

Classic Vacuum French Press

adventure rx proudly sponsored by:

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Register for free here:

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