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Propet Harrison Flip Flops

Propet Harrison Sandal/Flip Flop

Description: Nubuck or leather thong upper with neoprene lining. Rejuve Motion Technology™ topsole with microfiber sock lining. Cushioning EVA midsole for all-day comfort and support. High-performance rubber outsole provides traction and durability for long-lasting support

MSRP: $70.00

Let's face it, all but the cheapest of flip flops are comfortable. Whether this is due to the elation of summer toe freedom or the general relaxation that flip flops tend to be associated with, there is no doubt if you love sandals or flip flops you have more than likely not really thought about how a sandal is designed and how this design impacts your body.

Slipping into summer for me often means a bit of adjustment to walking on bare feet or minimally supported sandals which while make me happy due to the freedom of my feet my lower back often suffers during the transition phase. For years I have walked around in my flip flops or sandals not really paying attention to the "fit" and I never gave much thought to the way sandals were designed and the impact it could be having on my body.  Well now I have seen the light. I got a pair of the Propet Harrison flip flops in for review and pulling them out of the box, I immediately thought of how difficult a review of a flip flop would be. Then I put them on and was surprised at how comfortable they were and how well they fit. The Harrison flip flips were here to help me enjoy my summer days with out the aches and pains from unsupported walking. Seriously. There is real science that has gone into the design that actually supports the claims on Propet's website. I can wear them all day and not have sore feet. I cannot think of another pair of flip flops that have been this comfortable and supportive.

Propet uses their Rejuve design to minimize pain associated with the biomechanics involved in walking in a standard flip flop. Most shoes we use have support to ease the impact to our body as we hike, run, walk, or climb. Technical shoes are designed to help us enjoy our time adventuring and to stave off the pains associated with our chosen activities so why not use a sandal designed for support and comfort while lounging? After a ride or a hike many people have sandals in their vehicle to get out of the hot and often rigid footwear that they have been in and slip into more comfortable footwear, and these are by far the most comfortable flip flops I have ever worn.  

If you get a chance check them out and see how they treat your feet. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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