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Psycho Penguin


This week I choose a vanilla porter from a brewery I was unaware of! Odyssey Beerworks based in Arvada, Colorado, cans the Psycho Penguin as a year round offering that is sure to please. Pouring dark as night and capped with a dense creamy tan head this light bodied vanilla porter is smooth and delicious!  This beer derives its flavor from well roasted grains and a nice malt sweetness that is well balanced with a light vanilla presence. A slight snap of what appears to be a mild acidic bite in the mix makes this a pretty amazing bit of brewing creativity. Another plus for this beer is that it rolls in at a moderate 5.4% ABV which places it firmly in the apres ski category! While most aspects of this brew are spot on the one dig I have is with the body itself, I find that when I drink a vanilla porter I want a thicker body to complement the flavors, in fact, this is a beer I would want to chew on. Even with that slight, all in all this is a solid offering from our neighbors to the north! To be honest this beer is a great representation of the style for it’s flavor. I am super impressed that it is not over the top with vanilla and definitely not so subtle that you don;t know it’s there, in a word, balanced. For a brewer to dial in a style as to have it taste unique and natural as opposed to chemical or too far away from the flavor model is a pretty key thing to do and the brewer over at Odyssey Beerworks has done a great job.

While this is my first brew from Odyssey, I can see this introduction as the beginning of a promising gateway to future BOTWs as this definitely makes me want to seek out other brews to see how they handle business across the styles.




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