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Pulp Friction


SIZE: 12oz
ABV: 6.3%

We got a quick review for you this week! I was on vacation in Florida last week, so we’ve got a special Florida-edition review for you:

My wife and I set up camp on Anna Maria Island, just off the west coast of Florida and about an hour south of Tampa. This little dream island is small enough that you can take a cruiser bike out for a leisurely ride and loop the whole thing in about 4 hours. I did my brewery research before heading down here (because I mean, who doesn’t) and there weren’t many options on the island, but there were a few nearby. About 30 minutes away from where we were staying is Motorworks Brewing, so on our way in I grabbed myself a sixer of the Pulp Friction Grapefruit IPA.

A gold medal winner in the 2017 Florida Beer Championships, Pulp Friction is dripping with delicious citrus grapefruit flavor. I’ll be honest, I didn’t get the chance to pour it out and see the coloring (#beachproblems) but the flavor profile was excellent. The start of the flavor is on par with a typical IPA in that you get a good bite from the hops, but from there the scent of grapefruit hits your nose, and you can really begin to taste the grapefruit take over. The thing that I appreciated about this is that the grapefruit doesn’t take artificial or forced, but is balanced and creates a refreshing beer on a hot summer day. After a few seconds, the grapefruit gently dissipates, and you get a pleasant and subtle malty finish.

Well, I said it was going to be brief, and I wasn’t lying. That wraps up this weeks beer review, so until next time, get out there and unleash your adventure!

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