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A seasonal favorite that comes in many forms other than beer that brings a lot of noise and taste is anything and everything pumpkin. From pie, to coffee, to beer you just can’t seem to do wrong with pumpkin flavored treats this time of year. But of course this blog is about beer so here we go.

The Pumking from Southern Tier Brewing Company pours to a clear light copper body with a frothy white head. On the smell side I first notice rich aroma hints of pumpkin pie escaping from the bottle. Which is great foreshadowing for the taste, being that this is a delicious dessert like tasting pumpkin brew. It’s very spicy, nutmeg, cinnamon, all spice, maybe? The usuals found with a pumpkin spice ale, maybe even something a little extra? Even though this is a sweet tasting dessert like beer, don’t be fooled by its sweet side. This pumpkin packs a little punch with an ABV of 8.60% that can quickly sneak up on you.

This is the first Pumpkin Ale I have had from Southern Tier Brewing Company and I’m not disappointed. Which is great since I still have a bottle of their counter part to Pumking, the Warlock to look forward to still.

Cheers, beers, and pumpkin everything for another month or two. And if you missed it, check out my sweet new bottle opener!





22 oz.

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