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Pumpkin Patch Ale


Another easy drinking Pumpkin Ale comes to us from the resourceful folks at Rogue Ales. The Pumpkin Patch Ale from Rogue is a proud product of the Rogue Farms Grow The Revolution run. Boasting on the bottle their "GYO" (Grow Your Own) motto and a list of the full 15 ingredients behind this brew, you can tell that is a product Rogue is proud of. Rightfully so, after tasting this bad boy. I admit I've tried some interesting ale creations from Rogue in the past that I can't quite say were my favorite drinks or even that enjoyable, but this one is on point!

The Pumpkin Patch Ale from Rogue is a subtlety soft tasting Pumpkin Style Ale that doesn't force the taste or over power the beer with sweet pumpkin flavoring. Maybe it's the beer's description on the bottle, or maybe it's the taste and mouth feel? But while drinking this ale I can't help but think of the quality ingredients and care that went into this ale. You get the feeling of a quality product comparable to shopping at a Natural or Farmer's Market. 

The body pours to a hazy brownish-copper tone, with your typical beige Pumpkin Ale head. The feel is smooth. Not an ale with a lot of bite, yet it's not too soft either. You still feel like you are drinking a beer with this one. The Pumpkin Patch Ale has a moderate 5.60% ABV that just feels and tastes great. It goes down a little crisp for a Pumpkin Style Ale, but I really enjoyed this one all around. You notice and feel quality taste from the front to the finish, leaving a most happy palliate.

Great carb, great taste, great ingredients, great feel, great finish. Well done Rogue, great beer!  






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