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Pumpkin Patch


Eddyline is quickly becoming one of my favorite breweries, especially with the release of their Pumpkin Patch ale. As with all of this Buena Vista, CO based brewery's offerings the limited release Pumpkin Patch is offered in 4 packs of 16oz cans.

For a first run of a pumpkin ale (and with so many other companies yearly offerings) I was expecting a blast of spices with little to no actual pumpkin flavor and I couldn't have been more surprised. The first sip of this light orange ale blew me away, I was instantly remembering those little slices of sugary pumpkin pie I got as a kid.  It truly is a "Tallboy of Pumpkin Pie"!

With it's slightly sweet honey and spicy blend the beer went down smoothly and I was tempted to have another which should tell you that this is definitely not in the category of one beer and then move on to something else.  The flavor profile of this ale comes from the nutmeg, cinnamon, honey, and REAL pumpkin that the brewery insisted on using on this amazing concoction.

If you are looking for a great seasonal Pumpkin ale this one is one not to be missed. Easily to be enjoyed with a dinner or after a nice fall hike, and to think now we can take pumpkin pie and beer on backcountry trips all in one can!



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