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RAD All-In-One Kit

MATERIAL: Medical Grade Silicone, High Density EVA, and High Grade Polyurethane
MSRP: $140

Self-care and recovery have become a high priority as I get older. I’m still fairly young, but I’ve put my body through the ringer over the past 30 years and I’ve realized I don’t bounce back quite as quick as I used too. I have all those years of extreme sports, rugby, and “bro-lifting” to thank for that, but thankfully there are many companies out there that are dedicated to providing tools and education for a healthy recovery. One of those companies is RAD, based out of Denver.

Company Story

I had the opportunity to chat with Josh Hensley, RAD’s president, and we had a great conversation about RAD’s history, as well as where the best sushi is in Denver (I still need to give the recommendations a try, Josh, but I promise I will).

RAD’s genesis actually came from the minds of triathlete Dan McIntosh and biomechanics expert Mike Mallory. They saw a need for mobility tools that enabled everyone, not just athletes, to unlock the mobility that we all had at one point in our lives. They also noticed that many of the tools that people were using put a lot of stress on parts of the body that simply wasn’t necessary. They wanted to change this, so they began to innovate on the traditional designs to create tools that worked, and worked without causing you unnecessary pain.

That is when they came up with the RAD Roller.

Their design ideas focused on creating a simple and versatile series of mobility tools that helped users regain the mobility they had lost over the years. Their very first design in 2014 was as simple as two lacrosse balls bolted together. It served the purpose of being portable, lightweight, and allowed for compression around the spine without direct pressure on the vertebrae. From here, they developed a single form, medical grade silicone version, and the rest is history.

RAD has grown into a company that offers a suite of products that vary in size and function, and an online or in-person certification course! I’m currently about half-way through the first course of the certification, and the education is amazing. They are expanding their offerings with the hopes that more people begin to realize their personal potential as well as educating people on how to maintain their health and mobility. All of their products focus on trigger point release, myofascial release, and helping people find overall muscular relief.

They are a great company and one that I’m excited to see what else they come up with over the next few years!

Product Review (14/15)

Now on to the good stuff, the product review. Josh was kind enough to send me a RAD All-in-Kit, which included:

  • RAD Roller
  • RAD Rounds
  • RAD Helix
  • RAD Rod
  • RAD Block
The RAD All-in-One Kit, and new “must-have” in the gym bag.

I’m just going to say it, I love all of these tools. I use at least one of them every day. With their compact size and ease of use, they have found their way into my daily routine. I’ve also brought the RAD Rounds on runs and hikes because you can just toss it in your bag and you’re good to go.

There are almost endless possibilities for how to use the RAD All-In-Kit. I’ve personally been focusing on regaining my ankle, shoulder, and thoracic spine mobility, and the RAD Roller and the RAD Helix have been my go-to. The kit actually came with 6 full-size posters of how to use the tools for specific areas, so I’ve been following the recommendations, and it has been helping my form. My tight ankles and shoulders have begun to loosen up, and I’m seeing big improvements in my squat and clean form, as well as any overhead movements.

The RAD Helix doing its thing and helping regain some calf and ankle mobility.

The RAD Rod has been something that I’ve started using more recently. I started going on more runs with intense elevation gains, and my quads and calves used to feel really tight the next day. The RAD Rod has provided the firm and controlled pressure I’ve needed to release the tension and move some of the lactic acid. Why does it work so well? In my opinion, I think it is because this thing is solid. I’m talking steel rod solid. It’s like a mobility nightstick making sure some of the larger muscle groups stay in line. This is what you need to really work these muscle groups. The RAD Rod is just the right length and the rolling handle design allows you apply a solid and constant pressure.

On top of all the RAD tool benefits, everything is made of very high-quality materials. The silicone is dense and durable, the foam can handle quite a bit of abuse as you bring it from place to place, and everything is easy to clean. The RAD Block itself stores all the tools, keeping everything neat and organized.

The only thing that I could see room for improvement on is how the RAD Block could be utilized for certain mobility exercises. The RAD Block has a specific notch for the RAD Roller so it can be used for elevated pressure point release, but I found the Block to be uncomfortable due to its height. I know that a lot of pressure point release isn’t meant to be comfortable, but I just felt the 12-inch height was too high for a lot of the movements I tried. I think the notch would be better suited for the long side of the Block, keeping the height closer to 6 inches.

RAD Roller made from Medical Grade Silicone. Why Silicone? RAD wanted to be conscious of people’s allergies to latex and rubber.


At first, you might think “what’s this Whopper doing in here”, but then you realize this little guy can help release some of those difficult to pinpoint areas!

As a bonus, I wanted to provide a quick review of their online education courses as well. To kick things off here, you will 100% know more about mobility after going through these courses. The overall content layout is excellent and covers a broad spectrum of instructional videos, quizzes, and resources. The information is well researched, and the fact that you can receive a certification is amazing. It is something to consider when purchasing a RAD product because there are a lot of things that I didn’t know I could do prior to utilizing this resource.

Now, this recommendation does come with the precursor that the online resources can take a lot of time to review. I’ve spent roughly 8+ hours going through the online courses, and I’m only roughly halfway through the first of many courses. Don’t get me wrong, they are great, but don’t expect to watch a few videos and get everything. It is meant to be an educational resource, so expect to take some time to absorb it all.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years researching mobility exercises. It is something that is extremely helpful for the weekend athlete like myself, but it can be a confusing subject area. There are resources all over, and a lot of them say things that are similar, but they are never the exact same. RAD has solidified itself as a company leading the industry. They are doing this through providing quality tools, but also incredibly helpful resources to make sure you get the most for their products. I’m still using the RAD Kit on a daily basis and am still seeing improvements after 6+ weeks, so I’ll vouch that their products are 100% worth a try.

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