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Rad Dog Pocket Bowl

MATERIAL: Waterproof Nylon
MSRP: 11.95

Our adventure dog goes just about everywhere with us! Camping, trail running, stand up paddleboarding, you name it, she goes! Since she’s so active, it’s important for her to stay hydrated and sadly, we’re not always around water. In the past, we’ve had hard sided cloth bowls that are a bit bulky to stash in our camping gear or day packs. Enter the Rad Dog Pocket Bowl! This little guy is about the size of a small box of matches and weighs less than one ounce!

Photo Feb 20, 1 02 02 PMThe pocket bowl is made out of waterproof nylon which holds food or water well. Because it weighs so little, it is great for traveling light. There is a tiny elastic band that holds the bowl together when not in use.



Places it stores well are in the zip pouch of a handheld water bottle, a small zip pocket on a daypack, the car glove compartment, or in the pocket of hiking pants! I’d recommend finding a good spot for it where you won’t forget it, it’s so small, you might lose it!

Photo Feb 20, 1 02 34 PM


Along with being easy to store, while using it on the trail the Pocket Bowl quickly unfolds which makes it easy to pour water into. The suggested amount of food or water is 16oz and when I filled this bowl to capacity with water, the walls collapsed and the top of the bowl was level with the water. It didn’t leak but it was close to overflowing (photo on left). I’d suggest to only fill the bowl about halfway so that the walls can maintain their structure (photo on right). Along the lines of leaking, I placed the bowl filled with water on top of a paper towel and let it sit overnight. No leaking, or seeping out occurred. After use, I turned the bowl inside out and let the air dry the inside of the bowl, then folded it back up.


Photo Feb 20, 3 52 28 PM  Photo Feb 20, 3 53 20 PM

The Pocket Bowl is a great product and there are tons of times I know I’ll use it. I just have to remember where I put it so that I don’t lose it!

Adventure On!


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