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Raging Bitch

SIZE: 12 .oz
ABV: 8.3%

I hope everyone had a great and safe Labor Day Weekend. If you’re here with us locally, I hope you took advantage of the beautiful ColoRADo weather. You know what goes well with great weather, great beer! Speaking of great beer, we proudly selected Raging Bitch by Flying Dog Brewery, as our Beer Of The Week(end). This tasty IPA has a relatively high Alcohol Volume of 8.3% and a great balance of Belgium fruit along with citrus hop, that gives IPA’s their distinct taste. Amongst all the madness on the label you might notice a blood splattered 20th anniversary logo. Released in January of 2010, Raging Bitch is a celebratory beer honoring Flying Dog Brewery’s success for 20 years.

If the great taste isn’t enough to grab your attention, how about that artwork? All Flying Dog beers are covered with original artwork from one of my personal favorite artists, Ralph Steadman. His art work style is known as Gonzo, and many of you might recognize his work from Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, by Hunter S. Thompson.

It still feels like Sunday, that’s why you’re getting Monday’s BOTW a little late. Hey, it’s still Monday and I made the deadline. I’ll close this post with some good news to compliment this great beer. Most of you only have a four day work week! But if for some reason you have a bad day or just plain need a cold one, don’t hesitate to reach for a Raging Bitch.

Thanks to Flying Dog Brewery there’s finally a “Raging Bitch” I don’t mind having around.



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