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Raspberry Sour

SIZE: 16 oz
ABV: 6.5%

I need to start this review by coming clean on something. I purchased this beer fully expecting to hate it, I was getting tired of all of the great beers and I figured I would mix it up a bit and pick a fruity beer that I had no doubt I would slam. I am such an IPA fan I thought choosing a fruit beer would surely be too sweet and would send me down the rabbit hole of hatred. But this deep caramel sour proved me so very wrong.

As I mentioned earlier, this beer pours a deep caramel color and the dark brown head flares quickly but almost instantly disappears. This beer is OUTSTANDING. I am a huge fan of this beer, it is a robust well balanced cheek pinching sour that has some great sour sweetness that has a slight musty full Oakey profile that really helped bring this beer full circle. The fruit notes are delicate and slightly sweet with definite raspberry front. Where the raspberry was not very pronounced the sour is abundant, but not so much so that you completely turn your nose up at it, but also not quite inviting enough to just jump right in. The first sip of this beer caught me off guard. It was an amazing sour that drew my cheeks in and had me wondering how the heck have I never heard of this before?!?! In fact if you are a fan of the New Belgium La Folie then this beer will be right up there with it!

To me this beer is a celebration beer. Not one for a random session but when you want a nice unique beer that has an amazing amount of style to it. The flavor profile is nothing short of robust and I would highly recommend to anyone that digs sours or fruit beers. Avery did an amazing job with this beer that I am going back to the store tonight to grab a few more!

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