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Re-Fuel bluetooth water bottle speaker

DESCRIPTION: 2in1 bluetooth speaker/water bottle
WEIGHT:0.5lbs (empty)
MSRP: $29.95

Say that slowly, let it soak in. Bluetooth water bottle speaker… Huh? What just happened and why??!?!? OK, that is exactly what I thought when I first received this gadget. But then it grew on me. So here the basic facts. This is a 2-in-1 Bluetooth speaker that can be used either as the base of the 12oz water bottle or as a stand alone unit. Fortunately this system works pretty darn well and the little speaker can blast out some tunes as well.


The speaker part of the unit is recharged via a micro USB hidden underneath a water resistant cover which also stores a slot for a micro SD card….so if the old Bluetooth is acting up then pop in a micro SD and the party can continue to rock out. The speaker pumps out 3W of sound via “dual drivers and dual passive bass radiators audio system” and no I have no idea what that means, but yeah it works and actually sounds really good both while attached to the bottle as well as on its own. The speaker unit features a power button, pause and play button, and a forward and back for track selection. Everything else in controlled by your phone/bluetooth enabled device.


The water bottle is a 12oz BPA free bottle that fits perfectly in bike water bottle cages and the side pouch of your backpack. All in all this is a neat little gadget that allows your gear to multi task while being awesome at the same time. If you dig the idea of keeping your beats and hydration with you while recreating then this is a product to check out for sure.

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